Simple Roulette Rules and Payouts

 Anyone interested in playing the traditional casino table game of Roulette will need to first understand the most basic rules of the game. Whether in a “brick and mortar” or online casino; the player will need to be able to read the “layout” and know the proper way to place a wager if they are going to reap the benefits of this exciting game.


Fundamentally, Roulette is a remarkably simple game to play, even though there are some people who insist upon following a few wagering and gaming strategies. Let’s just examine the basic steps involved in any game of Roulette. There are established “steps” to any version of the game, which will always include:

  • Taking a seat at the Roulette table – although you may “watch” the game in the real and online venues, there are no opportunities for bystanders to take an actual seat at the Roulette wheel unless they decide to purchase chips and place their bets.

  • Purchasing chips from the dealer or “croupier” – all casinos use special chips available only at the Roulette tables. This is because each player has their own specific color or chip assigned to them while playing the game. This allows the dealer to know which bets belong to which players. All chips are assigned a specific dollar value at the time of purchase too, and this too is to help the dealer track each player’s wagers as well. Should a player want to increase the dollar value of their chips they must do so with the croupier before placing another wager.

  • Placing bets – all Roulette tables have a minimum wager, and the player must be sure that they meet this with each of their bets. Wagers are made by placing chips on the “layout” which is a specially designed chart indicating the various bets available for the game. An extremely overly-simplified explanation of the layout would indicate that there are outside and inside wagers, with the inside wagers having the highest payouts because they are less likely (statistically) to occur. Outside wagers include “color”, “even and odd”, “dozens” and “column” bets, while the inside wagers include “straight up”, “split”, “street”, “corner”, “line” and “high/low” bets.

  • Cashing in chips – when a player has finished playing the game, they must cash in their chips with the croupier or dealer because a regular casino cashier would have no idea of the value the player chose to assign to their chips when they purchased them.

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