Play Roulette if you live in the USA


Many Online Casinos do not accept players from the United States - so as a player from the USA you will have to look a bit around to find an online casino that accepts your bets.

Intertops Online Casino is such a casino that gladly accepts players from all 50 states.

Intertops Casino is perfect for playing Roulette Online. They use the reputable RTG (Real Time Gaming) Software. RTG Software is very fast and a lot of fun to play.

Intertops is the oldest online gambling company. How do we know? Intertops actually accepted their first "online" bet in 1982 (!) - that was before the Internet as we know it today. This was back then via a system called BTX - which was a European dial-up type of stone-age whatnot.

So Intertops definitly knows the game and you can be 100% assured that you are dealing with a good casino.