Online Roulette vs. Live Roulette

The Difference between Online Roulette and Live Casino Roulette

If you have ever played Roulette in a “brick and mortar” or “live” casino setting you will know that the rules are quite simple and include:

  • Taking a seat at the table
  • Purchasing chips
  • Placing a bet
  • Cashing in chips and leaving the seat

This is also a somewhat accurate description of the process required to play Roulette at an online venue as well. The major difference is that most players will have to have created an account with their chosen Internet casino, and found a valid way to fund their purchase of chips in addition to following the procedures outlined above.


There should also be some scrutiny of the websites selected because the live casino operations have equipment and dealers that must meet certain legal criteria. The websites, on the other hand, are not as open to examination by professionals and some may be a bit unscrupulous. For that reason all players should take a good, long look at the places they select for their Roulette experiences.

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With that being said, both online and live players will have to formally take their seat at the table, let the croupier or dealer know the dollar value they want for their chips, purchase a set number of them, and then make the minimum table wager before the wheel is spun. Most online Roulette games also indicate that no more bets are available, exactly in the same fashion as the live locations.

The wheels in both locations may vary according to the country of origin – for instance, a majority of American casinos will offer only the double zero wheels, while some European sites will use the single zero styles. It is up to the player to understand the differences in house odds created by their choices and the effects on their winnings. Regardless of the style of wheel, however, the highest payouts will always be for the wagers on the zeroes.

Lastly, all players in all formats must pay close attention to the post-spin process because they can lose money very quickly. The reason for this is that a dealer (whether human or electronic) is never obligated to remove the original bets on any winning “inside” wins, and an inattentive player may see themselves playing the same wager on a new spin of the wheel. When a bet is “outside” it is standard casino policy for the dealer to leave the winnings next to the original wager, which means the player usually has to remove them if they don’t want to stake them on the next spin.