Martingale System


To enjoy playing the martingale system, two factors are necessary; the player should have a large amount of wealth to freely run the gamble and make profits in the long run. With a large bankroll, you can keep playing on and on until you hit a winning bet. The second requirement is the high betting cap. A low cap is a big disadvantage as players can quickly spend their entire bankroll if there is a streak of losses. The chance of winning a bet is lost as soon as an individual strikes the table limit. Therefore players should only play at tables where the betting cap is quite high. On a $5 betting table, the limits usually range in between five hundred and one thousand dollars.

To use the the martingale system effectively, players should stick to outside bets. These include: red or black, low or high bets and odd or even bets. Betting on the basis of a properly calculated Martingale progression is one of the best winning strategies of the martingale roulette system. For instance, you choose a betting table with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $500. With a Martingale progression, you can bet with $5, $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320 and further until the sequence reaches the limit. In this way your bets will get doubled until you hit a win.


A preset maximum and minimum limit is advantageous because it prevents the system from doubling up excessively. In the martingale roulette system gambling model, you will be up the initial bet amount whenever you run the process. But by the time the bet reaches around $640, the player ends up with a huge loss which is normally difficult to recover. You should keep in mind that you can profit only with a single bet. Hence, even if you knock a win after suffering a big loss, it wouldn't be much of a help.

To avoid uncalled for losses while using the martingale system you require knowing when to hit and how to come out of the game when the risk factors are active. Expect to end up with a result in a short time. You'll be wrong if you are trying to settle down with the system for a long period time. If a huge debt is already following you, you are likely growing incapable of doubling the next bet in the series. Pros and cons are a part of every casino game.