Free Roulette Methods

It was Albert Einstein who said that said the only way to get money from the game of Roulette was to actually steal money from the dealer, but the statistics attached to the game indicate that he was wrong. People win at Roulette all of the time, and many do so by implementing a few strategies and relying on some betting systems.

While famous fictional Roulette enthusiasts such as James Bond have their favorite wagers (black seventeen for the famous spy), and others will observe the spinning patterns of the “croupiers” or dealers to detect repetitive results, there are actual systems for placing wagers too.

These free roulette methods include:

The “High Risk” numbers system – this uses a series of numbers to determine the wager. For instance, a player might mentally divide their ten dollar wager into the numbers six and four. If they win they enjoy a ten dollar profit, and so they will then add the number ten to the series of numbers which originally included only the four and the six.

The “Pyramid” of D’Alembert – this system relies on units assigned to winning or losing wagers. For instance, if a player wagers a single unit on black, but the wheel strikes a red, their next wager must be for two on the black. Should the wheel reveal another red, the wager is bumped to three on black. A win, on the other hand means one less unit than that placed on the previous spin. This fundamentally translates to a one unit increase on a loss and a one unit decrease on each win.

Contra D’Alembert – this is the opposite of the Pyramid described above and increases the number of units for the win while decreasing on the loss. Usually players relying on the even bets (in black or red) will use the Contra D’Alembert approach.

Martingale System – this is a very simple approach to systematic gambling and requires the player to double their standing wager on every single loss. So, the player who has five dollars on the spin, and who loses, will turn and put a ten dollar wager on the next spin. This is a theory that seeks to bring the player to a “break even” point or better after a very clear losing streak.

Parley’s Double or Nothing – this is a bit different from the original Martingale System in that it asks the player to select a single color and to also follow the double or nothing principle. The major difference here is that the player bets their losing wager on the loss, but should they win they automatically double that original wager. Most players will cease the Parley system on their third win because the stakes get too high.


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