Different Versions of Roulette

The differences between single 0 and double 00 roulette.... 

The popular casino table game known as Roulette has a somewhat lengthy history stretching back to France in the 1700s. The game was originally the province of wealthy nobles, but it was soon found to appeal to nearly anyone with an opportunity to enjoy a few spins. By the 1800s it had migrated all around Europe and even made its way to the very young United States. By the 1900s the game had developed into three distinct versions, with the changes only appearing in the rules and the design of the wheels. By the turn of the next century, the game had also migrated to the online world as well.

So, what are the current variations of the game? Basically, Roulette can be found in the American, European, French and online versions. The differences are actually quite small.

Where the French and European games are concerned, the casinos (either live or online) will tend to utilize the original “single zero” wheels. This makes the chances of winning the largest payout (a thirty-five to one reward) roughly a one in thirty-seven chance. When the wheel stops on the zero, the house gets to keep all bets laid on the table. Thus, the introduction of a second “zero” or the double zero in the American version instantly increased the house odds while also increasing the percentages of every wager lost.

Additionally, the French variant is the only one that offers some ways for its players to try to convert a loss back into some sort of win. This is done through the “en prison” and “la partage” rules. En prison lets the player take back half of their “even money” bet, or leave it down a second time when the wheel hits a zero. The la partage rule gives the player back half their “even money” bet on a zero. It is up to the player to determine if a casino offers either of these opportunities before laying a wager on the Roulette table.

The online games don’t include any noticeable changes to the rules, and will also ask the player to formally take a seat, purchase chips at a set dollar value, place their wager, and cash in before vacating their seat. The only major variation is that a player at an online casino will be required to have an account registered at any casino in which they play, and will also have to offer a special electronic way of funding their chip purchases.

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